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Reserve Lists & Last minute Bookings for vaccination centers.

Speed up the pace of vaccination with QVAX.

Happy Window Smile
Happy Window Smile

Back to freedom!

Reserve List 2.0

Paper or virtual waiting lists are not the solution as a queue is ordered by arrival and people in a queue expect a result

Integrated & connected.

Sync everything with the master data system.

Off The Shelf Solution.

Seamlessly distribute last minute time slots by respecting the priority lists (medical staff, elder people,…)

Patient first.

Let people fast ask & join a Reserve List.

Every day vaccination slots are available due to non booked, last minute cancelations, no shows, new last minute supply.  Offer them QVAX and solve a recurrent & common problem.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Sense of Objectivity.

QVAX was succesfully live in Belgium in 3 weeks time.

All GDPR specifications from the Authorities are respected.

QVAX brings a sense of objectivity and equity for the citizens and minimise manual workload for the vaccination centers.


more output


vaccinated population


Centers managed

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

They already trust us.


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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Process?

Global platform setup, dedicated infrastructure, API calls, training, legal and compliance,  design and wording, knowledge base construction (FAQ,…), media training, pen tests, load tests are included in QVAX packages.


Monthly production & service packages are available to eliminate frictions in the process and supports the vaccination centers.

Server capacity, technical support, account management per center, helpdesk (second line) per center, project management, Data reporting.

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