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Flows, explained.

QVAX is a SAAS Vaccine distribution system, serving Authorities, Regions and Centers around the globe in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

1. Registration on the reserve list.

Create an account

Information required to create an account: - Number of the National Register (or BIS number) of the person joining the reserve list. - Choice of the password. - First and last name of the person joining the reserve list. - E-mail address and mobile phone number to contact you in case of availability (this may be the e-mail address or mobile phone number of a person helping you if you do not have one yourself).

Choose a vaccination centre

QVAX will suggest the vaccination centre in your neighbourhood based on the postcode of your residential address (domiciliation).

Indicate your availabilities in the calendar

You can also adjust your QVAX calendar to your actual availabilities at any time.

Well done ! You are now on the reserve list. When a place becomes available and you are the next person to be invited according to the current priority rules, an alert will be sent by e-mail and by SMS to the contact details you have provided (this may be your own or that of a helper).

Notification of vaccine availability

When a time slot is free, you will receive a notification by e-mail and/or SMS. This will be sent to the e-mail address and mobile phone number you provided upon registration (these may be your own details or those of a helping hand).

Confirm your availability

Please confirm that you are still available and that you wish to continue your registration. Please make sure that you do this within the given time limit, because if you do not answer in time, another person will be invited. If you then want to go back on the waiting list, you will have to fill in your availabilities again.

Complete your registration

You will then be forwarded to the booking system in order to enter the exact time of your appointment. You can also give the appointment for the second dose of the vaccine there (depending on the vaccine).

Congratulations ! You can now get vaccinated at the vaccination centre.

2. Accepting an invitation

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